Vin Santo Reviews!

Locally Owned & Family Operated Since 1998

Vin Santo voted #1 in "Top ​10 Diners' Choice" poll for Neighborhood Gems!

- Open Table - October, 2016

"Vin Santo's Italian Offerings Border on the devine!"

- Wisconsin State Journal, Sunday August 8, 2012

"Vin Santo's food was as bright and clear-tasting as a cloudless sky over the hills of Calabria."

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sunday July 1, 2007

"Middleton's Vin Santo, showed us that chef Gregg Edwardsen still presents as close to a perfectly balanced meal as possible ... the Conchiglia al Diavolillo at Vin Santo was pleasing, and it's blend of gulf shrimp, chicken breast and hearty Italian sausage simmered in a rich garlic-butter sauce alluring."

-The Capital Times, December 31, 2005

"When Mrs. Critic suggested revisiting what we both acknowledge as a personal favorite, it proved to be one of those rare rediscoveries that rarely happens. A basket of bread, a dish of seasoned olive oil, and glasses of a hearty Tuscan red wine ($7) started off one of the best meals we had all summer ... The entrees followed, chosen from a list that's long on pasta creatively prepared. For Edwardsen, as for many chefs, the secret is in the sauces that bring together simply prepared semolina, vegetables and meats in complementary combinations. Vin Santos sauces vary from fiery to fine, all with the remarkable subtlety and complexity that indelibly applies the chef's individual signature."

- The Capital Times, September 3, 2005